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Thinking about owning a MassageLuXe franchise? The spa franchise industry is a great long-term investment! But we’re sure you have questions about where to start and what to expect, including how much it costs and what differentiates MassageLuXe from its competitors. Graham Chapman, CFE, a MassageLuXe franchise development marketing partner, goes over the top 10 […]

Franchise ownership is an investment. If your goal as an entrepreneur is to have a successful future and grow your business, look no further than the massage spa franchise industry. There are many avenues you can pursue in your quest to become a business owner within the health and wellness industry. Consumers view massage and […]

MassageLuXe Receives Recognition as Franchise Continues to Grow MassageLuXe, a fast-growing luxury spa franchise, recently was named by Aspioneer as one of the 20 Hottest Franchises in 2020. The list, 20 Hottest Franchises in 2020, showcases 20 franchises that are growing and making waves in their respective industries. MassageLuXe is on pace to become the […]

Follow the tips below in our “7 Steps to Owning a Franchise” to understand the process of franchise ownership. Also, read our blog, “The Franchising Process: A Complete Visual Guide,” to learn more about how you can get started in owning a franchise.

If you’ve found this article, you’re an entrepreneur already immersed in market research. In an article titled The Real Definition Of Entrepreneur — And Why It Matters, Forbes defines entrepreneurs as people who identify a need and fill it. “It’s a primordial urge, independent of product, service, industry or market,” the piece posts. Entrepreneurs take […]

An entrepreneur on the verge of entering the massage spa market is headed in the right direction already. The International Spa Association (ISPA) in 2018 discovered that, after eight consecutive years of growth, total revenue in the spa industry had risen to $17.5 billion, which has since edged up to $18 billion, according to the […]

Chief Executive Officer of MassageLuXe, a fast-growing luxury spa franchise, Mark Otter, recently was published by the Forbes Business Council. This is his first article to be featured by Forbes. The article, How Your Personal Services Business Can Capitalize on a Booming Industry, focuses on the growing and enticing industry of a spa franchise. Personal […]

When considering the purchase of a facial spa franchise, an entrepreneur likely will navigate through a sea of different brands. Doing that homework is worth it, because entering the facial franchise world is a lucrative endeavor. In 2018, the International Spa Association (ISPA) found that total revenue in the spa industry had risen to $17.5 […]

When evaluating franchises to buy, in a perfect world, a prospective franchisee shouldn’t have to worry about “hidden” franchise fees and costs. Better franchise companies will be transparent, even more so than what they are required to disclose in their franchise disclosure document (FDD). It is critical for the new franchisee to ask plenty of […]

Researching for the right franchise in the right industry is like sculpting, chipping away a tiny bit at a time, as the ultimate work of art finally becomes clear. What can begin as a block of marble becomes, with time and care, something special. It is critical for an aspiring franchise owner, at the outset, […]

Getting into the wellness industry is a smart play. The demand for massage spa franchise services is expanding exponentially. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) reports the massage therapy industry is an $18 billion industry in the United States and only continues to grow. According to the AMTA, an average of 32.6 million adult Americans […]

The prospect of owning a business is a thrill for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, whether it’s a first business for the owner or a new venture for an experienced entrepreneur. An opportunity to buy a successful franchise, as opposed to an independent business, comes with some peace of mind, but the owner is making […]

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