Top 10 Reasons

Top Ten Reasons to Franchise with MassageLuXe

If great work ethic, plenty of determination, and a love of new opportunities are some of your top qualities- than perhaps a MassageLuXe franchise is for you! Whether you are a young entrepreneur looking to dive into the business world, or a seasoned investor looking to bolster your business portfolio, franchising with MassageLuXe has some
incredible advantages. Read below for the top 10 reasons to select our franchise as your next investment opportunity.

1 Be Your Own Boss

Yes, your MassageLuXe comes with an established business model. However, as the owner you get to control your store’s own destiny. The success of your MassageLuXe stems directly from your work and effort. Being your own boss means a greater independence and pride in the business you will build.

2 Join a Growing Industry

The American Massage Therapy Association quoted the massage therapy industry as an $11 billion dollar industry. Today, a full 34% of American adults have received a massage in the last five years. This demand for services has led MassageLuXe to see great success in opening new franchise locations each and every year. The time to benefit from the strong growth in the health and wellness business is now!

3 Own a Turnkey Business

Ownership of a MassageLuXe location means access to guidance in all stages of start-up. From choosing a site, to facility design, to financing resources, we make starting your own business a much more straightforward and
relaxed process.

4 Turn a Profit!

Above all, the most important reason to choose MassageLuXe is the fact that it is a highly profitable venture. Your initial investment buys you a lifetime of services and benefits which you can use to make the most out of your franchise location. On average, each MassageLuXe location produces more than 20% in profit margin each year!

5 High Likelihood of Success

New businesses are prone to failure, and new ideas or products can take time to catch on. Buying a franchise is a
different case entirely. In fact, a full 95% of franchises make it through their first five years, while only 23% of
independent businesses survive this beginning phase. Since we already have a proven system in place, investing in one of our franchises puts you on the path to running a very successful spa from day one.

6 Brand Awareness

With MassageLuXe, you are buying into an already recognized and trusted brand identity. All of our locations feature a modern, relaxing and cohesive spa design. We know customers tend to be more comfortable trying a massage or spa treatment with a name and brand they know, so you’ll have a leg-up on competitors from day one.

7 Marketing

Along with strong brand awareness, investing with MassageLuXe also provides huge marketing advantages. We work with professional marketers to promote our locations across the country. Your franchise directly benefits from lower marketing costs and increased marketing reach.

8 Exclusive Territory

Since we want all of our franchise locations to be successful, cornerstone businesses, when you purchase a
MassageLuXe, you also purchase an exclusive territory in which to do business. Your franchise agreement gives you sole right to operate within your given area.

9 Chance to Own Multiple Locations

A franchise is a business that always offers additional investment opportunities. After you have successfully established one MassageLuXe location, the door is always open to invest in more. In fact, we offer three different franchising packages that make it easy for you to invest in multiple locations from the start!

10 Peer Networking

When you buy into a MassageLuXe, you also buy into a network of experienced entrepreneurs. Since our locations are set in their own territories, fellow owners can be an excellent resource for networking and problem solving! Our mission at MassageLuXe is to deliver the highest quality spa services by providing a comfortable, relaxing, and
luxurious environment to all of our clients. We provide our franchisees with all of the guidance, training, and resources they need to make this happen! Sold on franchising with us? Fill out this form to continue learning more about the incredible investment opportunity MassageLuXe provides.

“Extremely delighted to be with MassageLuXe since 2010. MassageLuXe Spa has a unique presence in the market and clearly separates itself as a top shelf brand.”

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